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The Religious Meanings in Pretzels. Yes, Pretzels!

testingThe Religious Meanings in Pretzels. Yes, Pretzels!

Pretzels date back to 1400 and were created by Monks, of all people! Why? To give treats to their young students for learning biblical lessons. And the learning doesn’t end there: the pretzel shape itself has meaning. Roll the dough into string (I would call it a worm). Then make a U. This symbolizes prayers […]

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Soul-Moving Folk Art in Alabama

testingSoul-Moving Folk Art in Alabama

I’ve never really liked Folk Art, so was surprised at myself for having two stops in one trip. Perhaps it’s their subjects, or I’m evolving. Doesn’t matter. These are more than folk art; they’re history and passion (and a bit of obsession). Joe Minter’s Yard An acre-ish, abutting a cemetery. From the street it’s a […]

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