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Sinkholes Don’t Always Mean Catastrophe

testingSinkholes Don’t Always Mean Catastrophe

When you’re hunting for caverns–glorious underground labyrinths with features formed from rock and water–you hope to find a sinkhole. It means that the cavern extends–you’ve found a weakness in the roof; which is scary for your home, and kinda for a cave, but excellent news for finding otherworldly beauty. Sinkholes led college-age explorers to find […]

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A Natural Bridge is the Natural Place to Make Musket

testingA Natural Bridge is the Natural Place to Make Musket

Natural Bridge in Virgina was once an entire cavern, a mile(ish) long. A sinkhole formed, and the limestone collapsed, leaving behind only this portion. This “tiny” portion, which is 36,000 tons of pressure, 215 feet tall (which is 55 feet taller than Niagara Falls), and 90 feet wide. Right, tiny? Now, Highway 11 crosses over […]

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