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You Can Grow Pineapple at Home–Really.

testingYou Can Grow Pineapple at Home–Really.

There are no seeds; there’s no pod or root; all you do is cut off the crown of one pineapple and plant it. That’s it. Then wait 20 months. Easy peasy. Bonus: one crown yields 4-5 pineapples; and each plant has three harvests–the gift that keeps on giving. The Growth Cycle Click the pic to […]

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Hula, Luau, and Fire Dancing

testingHula, Luau, and Fire Dancing

Hula Dancing in Hawaii was not always the swaying, lulling motions we conjure today. Its origins are more drum-driven; an indigenous style, if we can use that as an adjective. It’s a form of story telling, about ancestors, the Earth, the volcanoes and ocean. It has sharp movements, yet still delicate. Watch a video that […]

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Aloha Means More than You Thought

testingAloha Means More than You Thought

Hello and goodbye, these are indeed daily uses of “Aloha.” But the true meaning is more beautiful. “Ha” is the breath of life. “Aloha” is to give the other person the breath of life upon greeting. Ancient Hawaiian practice was to greet each other with noses pressed together and to inhale each other’s life. Parents also did […]

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