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Hawaii’s Abundance

testingHawaii’s Abundance

Good fortune (and spending a fortune) gave me the incredible chance to spend nearly a month in Hawaii. I did something on all but two days–why nothing on those days? I was getting a cough and had a coastline snorkeling cruise coming up and didn’t want to miss it. So I lounged at the beachside […]

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When the Waterfall is the Least Dramatic Sight

testingWhen the Waterfall is the Least Dramatic Sight

It’s true, I don’t typically care for waterfalls. Blasphemous? They’re so dependent upon rain for their beauty (although I suppose we all are, so I shouldn’t be fickle); and across the majority of the U.S., if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen em all. Well, in Hawaii, I was eager to see what the Big Island […]

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