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Toilet Seats as Scrapbooks?

testingToilet Seats as Scrapbooks?

You don’t have to look hard to find life moments to commemorate: the color of autumn leaves, a collection of your children’s beloved toys, the leftover hair at the neighborhood Super Cuts. Now: how to display these mementos? Some are flat and some are dimensional. Why a toilet seat lid, of course! It’s the most […]

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6 Roadtrip Tricks to Focus on Fun, not Logistics

Do you like a mess? Not so much, right? Do you like traveling with it? Certainly not! What about souvenirs and scrapbook fodder? Now THAT’s the stuff to keep but it gets crumpled or lost under the seats. Enter handy dandy (yes, I said “handy dandy”) products and planning ideas to keep your roadtrip focused […]

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