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Whatever You Do, Don’t Call it a Swamp

testingWhatever You Do, Don’t Call it a Swamp

This warning isn’t as dire as heeding the call not to feed Mogwoi after midnight lest they become Gremlins, but evidently Congaree National Park in SC is sensitive about being called a “swamp” when in reality it’s a “floodplain.” Vocabulary lesson: Swamp = water all the time Floodplain = water present only when a river […]

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Is this the Tackiest Place on Earth?

Since I haven’t been to every single place on Earth I can’t attest as to whether South of the Border  in South Carolina is in fact the tackiest place, but it certainly would make a Top Ten list. Oasis or Quagmire of Kitsch? They call themselves a “highway oasis.” Well, it is, something. In fact […]

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