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Could You Translate that into Girl?

The two men looked at each other, eyes bugged out, as if I’d asked them to translate what they said into Klingon (Star Trek language). Big Bessie got her tires rotated and balanced (TWO tire stories in one week – how excited are you?). Big Bessie is my full-size SUV. I could probably live inside […]

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My Hero Has Dirty Fingernails

Vern and I spent 40 beautiful minutes together. And in that time, a physical weight dissipated. I Hate Tires You already know how tires are the bane of my existence. I spent 40 minutes squeezing into a non-truck-stop gas station in order to fill up the tires. Sigh. It’s listed as one of the things […]

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A Road Trip to See…Cars?

The photo club took a field and trip and what a wonderful one it was! Old Car City in White, Georgia is home to acres of rusted cars and car parts, with trees and vines growing over and through them. Pollen that stuck to the windows left patterns once it was washed away by rain. […]

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