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What’s a Half-Baked Volcano?

testingWhat’s a Half-Baked Volcano?

As it turns out, volcanoes can rock the Earth and change the landscape, yet never spew lava. Such is the case with Big Bend National Park in Texas, and they half-jokingly call it a half-baked volcano. The Little Volcano that Couldn’t Think of Mont St. Helens–a lot of ash, a lot of activity, but not […]

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Volcano Lava is Surprisingly Like A Frozen Lake

testingVolcano Lava is Surprisingly Like A Frozen Lake

The lava temperature is so much hotter than the air, that it actually “freezes” on contact, creating a crusty layer. But that doesn’t stop the activity–the lava continues to flood underneath the layer; just like water flows underneath the top of a frozen lake. This instant freeze creates stunning formations in the lava fields of […]

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