The First 100(ish) Days

I’ve been on the road since June 5, 2012. It’s not quite time for a State of the Union, but it is time for reflection.


The day I bought the camper, I drove maybe 45 mph on Atlanta’s highway. Which is dangerous in-and-of-itself–it’s like NASCAR out there. I was terrified. Dad was with me (love that man) and he had to tell me to breathe, relax my hands, lower my shoulders.

Just as I got into the swing of things, the camper went into rehab for two months. I called and emailed friends in utter panic the day before I got it back. Could I drive it? They all replied with a resounding yes. I had been doing it and I still could. They were right.

I’m not afraid of it anymore, but I am supremely cautious. I go 60mph MAX–any faster than that and it sways more than I like. So what if the speed limit is 70? I’ll just plotz along in the right-hand-lane. I ask people to be my eyes when pulling out of tight spaces. Men seem to have innate spacial gifts and they tell me I’m clear before I even turn on the engine; just spot me anyway.

Surprising Questions

Never in my life have been asked if I carry a gun. Now it happens multiple times a week.

People are very uncomfortable that I don’t even think about what work I’ll do after this trip. They push me to proffer an answer. We “need” people to fit into boxes and to live in them. Maybe I should start making up stuff: clown, mortician, underwater basket weaver. They’re not all that satisfied with the real answer, either, which is that I’m transitioning to writer. I’ve got stories to tell and am crazy enough to believe that I can succeed.

Things I Hate

Putting air in the tires. I check multiple times a week and it’s just plain awkward. I’m in an un-ladylike squat, my hands get dirty, the gauge lets out air when I just want to check the pressure. Chivalry abounds with men who offer to park the trailer, hitch it, help as needed, but no one offers to help with air in the tires.

Surprisingly, few campgrounds have recycling. Think of all the soda and beer cans! But nope, everything in the trash can. My forays into town to find the local recycling center have been futile – they’re only open certain days and I’ve been off schedule. It pains me to throw away recyclables and I apologize to the Earth when I do it. I’m thinking of starting some program where in order to get their campground license they have to have recycling, but I don’t know if such a thing is even viable.  Stay tuned…you may be asked to sign a petition.

Cooking. I didn’t like it back home and I don’t like it here. I do it, and I’m a decent cook. But it’s just not fun. To me, of course. But winter is coming, and I’m very good at bulk cooking and freezing. That’s yummy and efficient!

Things I Love

Stretching. Cats have nothing on me. Stretching is now imperative to my daily existence. Think of the hours of driving, hours at the computer writing, hours walking, hiking, toting a camera bag. This is a delectable necessity to my life.

Starting my day writing. I literally roll out of bed and write for a few hours. It’s delicious. I’m fresh, the ideas have been percolating because I knew the topic was coming, and the day begins with a wonderful sense of accomplishment–and creativity.

I Can Do It; and I Am Doing It

Empty my own sewage? Check.

Plan a route? Check.

Drive, cook, clean? Check, check, check.

Back up a trailer into a (nearly) straight line? Check.

Sleep through a rainy night? Check.

Have fun? Check!

The Travel

And then, of course, there’s the travel itself. My heart belongs out West, so I can’t wait for those wide open spaces. That said, the East Coast has given wonderful fun, museums that surprised me, and Pennsylvania is the best state so far–there is A LOT to do there, and it’s everything from Amish to Mac trucks.

Click the pic for a slideshow of my favorite moments and places in the last 100(ish) days.

first 100 days


What are your reflections from your own life over the past 100 days?

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As we say in Hebrew – Kol Hakavod – or Hats off to you! You are amazing But, with all this traveling (the ultimate Wandering Jew?), where and how did you spend Rosh Hashana – and where will you be for Yom Kippur!

Shana Tova and G’mar Chatima Tova!

Fret not, I made plans for the holidays. Chicken soup (and shul) are important. I stayed with a community in a Detroit neighborhood for RH – a connection via a friend from a post on Facebook looking for contacts! Ahh, the modern world. And will spend YK with a friend from Jr year in Israel.

Great! Yes, our modern technology definitely gives us some great opportunities (and provides some great nuisances as well). So, have an easy fast – and a great 5733


Congrats on the milestones, the accomplishments, the fun! Here’s to the next 100 days! 🙂


Awesome for you!!! What an inspiration you are! I think a lot of us would love to just take off and go. You are actually doing it :).
Sere recently posted..Wanderlust Wednesday – Grand CanyonMy Profile

Sere – it’s a lot of fun, and of course still work. But work that I love! It doesn’t have to be this dramatic – plan an adventure (big or small) once a month.


I was just thinking about that. I was trying to figure out how I could get to one festival or destination a month for a year. Close enough for an overnight only, with a couple longer trips. Not sure if I can do it, but it is a dream.

I love that you’re doing what you’re doing—the exploring AND the writing. My blog has turned out to be a great way to have an “excuse” to write something other than legal briefs. I thought it might only be read by family and friends, and indeed, I’m sure that’s still most of my readership, but it has also proved to be an excellent vehicle (pun intended) to “meet” new, interesting people—even if it’s only virtually. (However, I expect to be meeting with a person from the UK who found my blog from a comment I made on your blog. How cool is that?)
Write on!
Just One Boomer (Suzanne) recently posted..On the Road in Spain with Our #2 BoomletMy Profile

So glad to hear that you;re finding such joy! And fun people to meet!

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