Want to Know What I Miss Most About Home?

People who aren’t Caucasian. And my nieces.

To be clear, I myself am white. And back home I lived in a bubble world with mostly white friends. But reality brought interactions with people of many ethnicities and I miss that.

When in Philadelphia, I was so happy to see African American people that I intentionally asked for directions only from them, no white folks. It was small, but my own way of having some diversity in my experience.

I’m not quite sure why my world has become monochromatic; I checked the Census and diversity abounds.

2010 Census Interactive Population Map

It’s palpable, this unintentional segregation where I find myself. It’s uncomfortable and unnatural. Uncomfortable because it’s skewed perception. Or maybe it isn’t; maybe in these places this IS reality. Which in itself is uncomfortable…at least to me. So many circles of influence and they’re (seemingly) absent.


In your travels, what are your experiences with ethnicity?
Throughout America?
Being an American abroad? Which is seen first – your nationality or ethnicity?

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