Waterfalls: Proof that Nature Wins

Waterfalls are beautiful, there’s no denying it. Hiking over and through and around one, you realize its force–and that nature wins. Humans can build a staircase to help view the beauty, but ultimately the waterfall dictates that there is something to see; the route; and whether that staircase will stand the test of time.

It’s humbling. And powerful at the same time. Not empowering, powerful.

Slow, lazy water becomes a rush of force the minute it crests the fall. And the fall: evidence of prior earthquakes or tectonic shifts. “Natural” nature is more gradual; this kind of sudden drop comes from an outside force–even if that outside force is itself from within nature.  Ironic, cyclical, compelling.

Which waterfall inspired this muse? Bushkill Falls in the Delaware Water Gap, which is in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. It’s a drought year, so even this power is tempered.

Bushkill Falls Delaware Water Gap

Bushkill Falls Gorge Delaware National Gap

Bushkill Falls Delaware National Gap


What are your favorite examples of the power of nature?

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