Weather Updates while Traveling

I have five weather apps on my iPhone. Too many?

Considering that I don’t recall ever watching programming on the Weather Channel, this is a tad compulsive. Let’s take a look:

  • The default weather app – sure, I use it. How hot or cold is going to get?
  • The Weather Channel – the website is much better. I should really delete the app.
  • Swackett – it tells you how to dress for the weather, like take a sweater, wear a tank top. That’s all well and good, but the best feature is that it sends texts when there’s a weather alert. So after pulling into a new town I register with the closest weather station and it notifies me of heat advisories, thunderstorms, hail. I love it!
  • Wx Alert USA – I paid stupid money (relative to an app) to get the notices that come for $1.99 with Swackett. And I can’t figure out how to make it work. Survey says: ennnh!
  • AccuWeather – this is Dad’s find for looking at a region’s forecast to know if there’s rain between destinations A and B. Driving in the rain isn’t fun when you’re towing.

Headed South for the Winter

In a few weeks I’ll begin my race to avoid Winter. Translation: I’ll leave the northern states and head for Texas. I want to be as far away from snow as possible–less fun for sightseeing and for driving. I thought the October descent was perfect timing, but the nights are already in the 40s and leaves are changing colors. This Georgia girl is baffled. And snuggled under extra blankets.

Local Weather Reports

Considering how much weather impacts my daily plans (to hike or not to hike), vehicle maintenance (think of hail damage), and driving time (can’t stand the rain), it’s so wonderful when folks offer insight into local peculiarities.

Mosquito Meter

Weather Forecasting Stone

Old Faceful water fountain

Not weather per se, but think of hydration, which has a dotted line. In my book.

Weather Stone Forecasting


New Respect for Squirrels

At a fireside chat, my neighbors asked if I’d been hit by any acorns. Ohhh…THAT’S what that kerplunk on the roof was (says the Southern belle). It’s quite a substantial noise as it bounces along my tin roof.


Where do you go for weather reports?

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I love my Weather Underground app. The website was developed in Ann Arbor (where I used to live) and the app is, I think, very user friendly. Way better than the standard iPhone app! Plus, free!

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