Wild Horses: Isn’t it Romantic?

Wild Horses on Cumberland IslandCumberland Island Georgia, the topic of prior posts,  is home to wild horses. Yes, wild horses. You’re hanging out and so are they. It took my breath away. And I thanked them for their time.

Roughly 150 feral horses call this home, and they have quite the homestead: rumored to have been here since the 16th century.

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I take it that you were just horsin’ around!


When did you go to Cumberland Island?!!! I was literally booked to be there today through Saturday but we had to cancel last minute. So sad. It is one of my favorite places on earth!


Amanda, We went back over Memorial Day 2010, so it;s been a while! Didn’t get to camp though – couldn’t get a reservation. I’ll have to go back. You’re right – it’s one of my favorite places, too!

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