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I’ve been in West Texas for nearly two weeks, with probably another to go. My campground is perfect evidence of why.





A full moon my first night there, combined with that sunset. I'm hooked.

A full moon my first night here, combined with that sunset. I’m hooked.

Good Morning! Can you hear me grinning?

Good Morning! Can you hear me grinning?


Where’s the most beautiful place you’ve stayed? It can be beautiful because of luxury and furnishings, too.

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I can feel the fresh air just looking at the pictures. Beautiful!


I am thoroughly enjoying Texas, Paula. Thanks!

To answer your question: The Tickle Pink Inn in Carmel, CA. Perched on a cliff overlooking the Pacific with 50 ft. wide balconies outside your room. It’s a 60s motel really (a nice one of course) named after Edward and Bess Tickle who used to have a home on the property … as well as the pink flowers that grow out of the rock. The views of the ocean surf and the rocks is amazing. http://www.ticklepinkinn.com if you’d like to see.

Nancy – thanks for the CA tip. It’s going into my folder (you know I have one) and while I won;t stay there, I’ll take advantage of their spa and amenities!


The views in the pictures are so restful. How beautiful to see them at the end of a very busy.


We have stayed at the Tickle Pink Inn. It is definitely on our list of places to stay on our next trip to CA.

The Inn itself is a treasure, but the view from the decks of the crashing surf is spectacular.


You’re giving me a new appreciation for Texas. Seriously.


Agreed about the Tickle Pink Inn, a special place to celebrate a special birthday. But the best was in a hotel on the top of a mountain in Switzerland. Nicest bathroom EVER! Much nicer than the one at home!! As I’m not much for roughing it, my most beautiful outdoorsy place was Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. An oasis! The buildings didn’t matter…it was the plantings, the cactus, native plants, and scurrying rabbits and other critters, the art pieces both inside buildings and out and the long walks that fulfilled heart, spirit, and soul.


Beautiful. Is this the location you have been getting the snow? For me, the most beautiful place we’ve stayed is Ubud, Bali (specifically the Alam Indah).

Jef. Yes, this is where I’ve been getting snow. But it melts quickly. Bali…I’m not a beach person but it seems divine.

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