7 People I’m Glad to have Met through Travel

Yeah, yeah, we all know that travel broadens horizons and shows us worlds we never imagined. For me, it’s been a path to learn about myself from unexpected people.

  1. Zombies. They are the nicest people! A themed pub crawl drew folks before hand to get gussied-up in zombie costumes and makeup. I went for the photo opps and met outgoing, funny, friendly people. My preconceived notion of those who would be Zombies was way off target: they weren’t scary or cruel. And I was confronted with the reality that the dress does not make the woman.

  2. Rafting guides. They hold your life in their hands and take that responsibility seriously. They also want you to have fun and take that opportunity seriously. All the guides I’ve met are also history buffs—or perhaps that’s part of the calling. So a beautiful river ride includes tales of the region. Living AND learning. Which brings us to the requisite crush I develop on every rafting guide, no matter how much older I am than he, or how much longer his hair is than mine.
  3. Bikers (engines, not pedals). Did this traveling clan know each other before the trek or did they pick up riders along the way? Perhaps both.  Which reminds me of a lesson from my parents: there’s always room for one more at the dinner table. Or on the trip. Or in your life.

  4. School bus drivers. Driving along America’s backroads there’s a constant reminder of school. Ubiquitous yellow signs alert you to stops, bus turn-arounds, and the schools themselves. Remote roads, steep climbs, gravel curves—all to get the kids to-and-from a weekday education. Commendable. People I’ve never met, yet I learn from them about commitment, priority, and safety.

  5. Airline staff. Specifically those who let you trade items between one bag that’s too heavy and one that’s not. The lesson here? Rules exist for a reason. That doesn’t mean you can’t also be reasonable.

  6. Tour guides. I’m impatient. But also like to learn. Give the tour guides a chance and they have gems to share. In fact, everyone does.

  7. Restaurant hosts.  A special thank you to those who say “just one?” It’s now a sign of my personal spirit than when traveling solo I can be a party of one; and me, myself, and I have one hell of a good time!

Which people make a difference in your travels?
Who teaches you the most valuable lessons?

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