A Natural Bridge is the Natural Place to Make Musket

Natural Bridge VirginaNatural Bridge in Virgina was once an entire cavern, a mile(ish) long. A sinkhole formed, and the limestone collapsed, leaving behind only this portion. This “tiny” portion, which is 36,000 tons of pressure, 215 feet tall (which is 55 feet taller than Niagara Falls), and 90 feet wide. Right, tiny?

Now, Highway 11 crosses over it and you can’t hear traffic from below, and from above, it’s just another street.

Making Musket off Natural Bridge VirginiaWhat’s this about Musket?

During the Revolutionary War (and other times, too), they went to the nearby caves to collect bat guano for its nitrates to make gun powder. Combine with molten lead, drop from atop the bridge into the creek below, and it naturally forms a ball in the air and cools in the water. Tada! Musket.

Do you know any tricks for making artillery?

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Loved the picture and drawing and the history. Musket love!

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