A Short Blog Sabbatical


I need to take a short blog sabbatical. And since you plan your days around the delivery of my posts, wanted to let you know so you can make other arrangements.

I’m taking an online writing class through Gotham Writing Center. The date draws nigh for the final project–and I just can’t find time to write it AND work on the blog.

See, I spend 3-4 hours a day on the blog. Writing, photo selection, photo retouching, finding supplemental photos online, video editing, finding supplemental videos online, supplemental research (but really, not as much in that area). I love doing it! But it’s mutually exclusive to my ability to get this project done. And to get it done before I leave for Hawaii in a week. I know, boo-hoo for me.

I feel much guilt about this, but it’s the right thing to do. The guilt, to be clear, is because I made a commitment to myself to write daily; not because I actually think you’ll be distraught. I do have perspective, people.

Here’s what you can look forward to when I resume blog-writing:

  • How to pan for gold and other forms of treasure hunting. I went to a conference. There’s a conference for everything.
  • That Kansas is not a fly-over state, but a fly-to state. More beautiful than I could have hoped for and it’s on the Top-10 list of the trip so far.
  • A town with one blinking red light has two amazing art museums and two funky artists in-residence, plus, it’s hosted three Smithsonian exhibits. My campground is both in the middle of town and on the edge of it.
  • The biggest ball of twine. I drove 2.5 hours to spend 10 minutes with it; and it was worth it. There’s more to it than size (men all over the world say that every day).
  • Plus, I’ll be in Hawaii! For nearly a month! And turning 40!

See you on the flip side.


What will you read during this blog sabbatical?


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Is panning for gold the same as digging for it? Enjoy your Gotham Writing class. ZOOM. POW. ZING

Jef – Mining (digging) is when you are a company; panning is when you’re a hobbyist. Mining = serious work, blasting, etc; Panning = what’s right here in the water?

Your Comments We look forward to your daily blogs, not only to hear about your adventures, but to know that you are well! We are sure your parents share our sentiments!

Good luck on your writing course! Ambitious thing to take on with everything else you are doing/planning! You will love Hawaii! What a way to celebrate the big four oh! Happy Birthday to you and we hope this is your best year ever!


Harriet and Bo

Harriet and Bo – you’re always gracious and thoughtful! Hope you’re doing well


Pfft, we’re just gonna keep on commenting, anyway….

As for Kansas, I only can speak for Kansas City –and come to think of it, I don’t know whether it’s the MO side or the KS side — but Kansas City is fantastic! Beautiful public art, beautiful art museums, beautiful river, beautiful old downtown market.

Good luck on your project.


Paula – enjoy the writing class although it will be a lot of work. Your writing seems very good to me already – polished, humorous, informative and intriguing – so much so that you have me making a list of the things it would be fun to see. Looking forward to your return from the sabbatical!

Good luck with your project. Have a great time in Hawaii. AND, a big Happy Birthday to you!

Fredelle – thanks on all accounts!


Suerte, Paula!

We are so glad you had a great time in Kansas! We enjoyed having you here in Lucas and trust that we will see you again soon!


Enjoy! I can’t wait to read what’s on the other side.

Happy 40th birthday! And welcome to your best decade.


Maybe you’ll decide that Indiana’s not a fly-over state, either. Hopefully, I’ll get to show you that on the flip-side.

Happy early birthday — enjoy the volcanic beauty!


Good luck with the writing class. However, you know that I plan my whole day around your blog. I look forward to seeing more.

Happy Hawaiian 40th. I was kind of traumatized when I turned 40, but for some reason, my 50th was more tolerable and now that I’m staring down 60 (in a year and a half) I’m just plain old grateful. An alarming number of friends haven’t made it this far. I am loving your trip and your writing so far. Hawaii will provide plenty of grist for your writing and thank goodness for digital photography because you will find yourself wanting to take a crazy amount of photos. (Go to the top of Mauna Loa at sunset on the Big Island.)

If any of your readers are suffering from blog reading withdrawal during your sabbatical (if you don’t mind my shameless self-promotion on your blog), I’d like to invite them to check out mine: Boomeresque (Baby Boomer Travels for the Body and Mind). http://www.boomeresque.com

Which Gotham writing course are you taking?
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