The goal: visit all 50 of the United States. Another goal: visit six of the seven continents (who really needs to go to Antarctica?). But as alluring as the continents are, the US calls to me. It’s easy to get to, I speak the language (no, I’m not xenophobic), and the breadth of landscape is breathtaking. There truly are purple mountains majesty, and I want to go from sea to shining sea. Are the fields different in Iowa than in Nebraska? I don’t know – I haven’t been to either. Yet.

But Wait, There’s More!

At age 39 I’ve sold my house, quit my marketing job, and away I go to see the 50 states for a year-ish-long trip. It’s a city-girl-travels-the-back-roads adventure, choosing camping over spas. But an occasional spa never hurt anyone…

Why Am I Taking this Trip?

Because I don’t want to wait for retirement. It’s really that simple. RVing cross-country has been a dream for years and I just don’t want to wait any longer. I’ve made travel a priority over the past 10 years and fell in love with America—so much natural beauty and regional lore.  Now I’m ready to travel full-time.

Along the way there are lovely people, small towns, crazy festivals, adventures in nature, traditions, history, and the same ugly pattern of dishes that shows up in antique stores everywhere.

Which Came First?

The blog began in April 2011, around the time my travel picked up to 5-6 trips per summer. The cross-country trip began June 6, 2012.


This blog is a tribute to my love for Americana the Beautiful.


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