An Imprint of the Creator’s Blessing: The Finger Lakes

Upstate New York is rich with getaways. In some ways they’re similar: relaxed, natural, easy. And yet the nature makes them distinctive.

The Finger Lakes region is stunning with gorges and waterfalls, wineries and farmland.

The Charm of a Name

Native American legend explains the region’s name through this story. The Creator had special appreciation for this lovely land and reached down to bless it, leaving the imprint of His hand, hence, the Finger Lakes. Pesky geology is less romantic and asserts that as the last ice age ended, the glaciers covering the area receded. “The incredible grinding pressures of the receding glaciers gouged enormous holes in what is now the Finger Lakes region. These became not only our Finger Lakes, but also the magnificent geologic anomalies throughout the region that include  incredible gorges and numerous waterfalls.” (source uncertain; some site I was reading and I copied for reference)

Finger Lakes Map

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All You Have to do is Drive

It’s beautiful! I spent a day getting lost on farm roads. Bliss. Other days were at a winery and hiking through a gorge. Those pics and experiences will come later. Right now, just enjoy the scenery.

Seneca Lake at the Finger Lakes

The vibrancy of Seneca Lake

Vista from Glenora Winery in the Finger Lakes

A single vista

Farmland in the Finger Lakes

Manicured fields and farm buildings

Corn field in the Finger Lakes

Perfect rows of corn


Corn field in the Finger Lakes

The geometry of dividing a corn field into manageable sections


Tending farmland in the Finger Lakes

Nice work of you can get it

Oat field in the Finger Lakes

Oat field

Farmer Crossing Sign



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Yes, isn’t upstate NY gorgeous. I think it’s one of the reasons I enjoyed riding a bike so much when we lived just north of Albany. I also hope you stick around the Northeast (New England) to see the leaves in their FULL glory in October. It’s spectacular!

Thanks for showing the beauty that we see every day. Hope you are having fun on your travels, Paula!

You’re lucky to see it every day!

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