Cape Cod ~ Constant U-Turns for Pictures

Note: this trip to Cape Cod was in Spring 2009, but I hadn’t blogged about it, and since I’m in the region now, thought I’d pull out the pics.

Cape Cod is beautiful. I drove with the windows down and the music loud. Saw something photo-worthy, did a u-turn, and had fun capturing the moment and the scene.

Tree in water in Sandwich, Cape Cod

Lobster traps in Cape Cod

Barn Doors in Cape Cod

Fire Hydrants in Cape Cod

Taffy in Cape Cod

Sea Oats in Cape Cod

Cranberry Blog in Cape Cod

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Beautiful photos, PL. Instantly brings back childhood memories. I spent a lot of time on the Cape—just day trips with my parents, but I love it there. As you know, Miles is named after Miles Davis, but the Massachusetts-born in me also named him a little bit after Myles Standish, because of all my trips to Plymouth Rock. Enjoy my beautiful home state!

I did not know that Miles was named for Miles Davis. How groovy are you?! And happy to give you some childhood memories today!


Lurve the first pic. I rotate it to see what images it shows (like a face)

what a creative thing to do. you always look at the world in different ways. this is a very romantic one!


very nice pictorial—i felt transported—

what a wonderful word, “transported”

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