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What’s a Slot Canyon?

testingWhat’s a Slot Canyon?

Sometimes it’s better to look and not to take pictures. I forgot my own advice and missed the chance to fully absorb the fleeting moment at Antelope Canyon. And my pictures didn’t come out all that great. Oops. Like all canyons, a slot canyon is formed by water. The difference is how narrow a slot […]

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Indeed, It Is a Grand Canyon

testingIndeed, It Is a Grand Canyon

Which is more beautiful? The Grand Canyon itself, or that people come from all over the world to see it? English spoken in accents from America, South Africa, Britain, Australia, and Ireland. Languages I could discern include Russian, Indian, Dutch, French, Italian, German, Chinese and Japanese. How do you convey the genius? Of the men […]

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Saguaro National Park

testingSaguaro National Park

Yes, I’m officially on Sabbatical. BUT there were three experiences still to share. This is number two… **** Saguaro National Park is dedicated solely to one magnificent species of cactus. Pollinated by bats and doves (intriguing), they’re also inhabited by woodpeckers and owls. The woodpeckers abuse the plant until it heals itself with a liquid […]

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Airplane Boneyard

testingAirplane Boneyard

Yes, I’m officially on Sabbatical. BUT there were three experiences still to share. This is number one… **** Where do military planes go to die? Tucson Arizona. Specifically, the airplane boneyard at┬áDavis Monthan Airforce Base. I’ve wanted to come here ever since seeing the 1987 “hit movie” Can’t Buy Me Love. In the Beginning After […]

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The Ostrich Festival

testingThe Ostrich Festival

When a friend asks if you want to go to the Ostrich Festival, the answer is always yes. A resounding yes! So off went Susan, a floormate from freshman year of college, her two kids, and me. Chandler AZ–look out! We’re here to have some fun! Rides that prove your age by how nauseous they […]

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