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Sand Dunes in the Desert are Surprisingly Rare

testingSand Dunes in the Desert are Surprisingly Rare

Deserts have sand, sure, but sand dunes are surprisingly rare. Death Valley National Park has one, though. And it’s beautiful in its contrast. While sand is everywhere in the desert, dunes are not–they need both a strong wind and something to slow down the wind. In Death Valley, as the sand erodes down one mountain, […]

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What I Did on my Spring Sabbatical

testingWhat I Did on my Spring Sabbatical

Full-time travel is no vacation–we’ve explored this topic before. Laundry and planning and writing and chores–plus amazing immersive experiences. While incredible, I found myself over-stimulated and in need of a break. So I headed for Los Angeles–not a place folks usually think of for a rest. Therefore, why there? a campground on the beach lots […]

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Joshua Tree National Park

testingJoshua Tree National Park

Yes, I’m officially on Sabbatical. BUT there were three experiences still to share. This is the last one… Up next: retro posts revisted. *** Not a U2 fan, I hoped that Joshua Tree National Park would still hold relevance for me. It did. Phew! What’s in a Name? For starters, it’s not a tree or […]

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Day 290: Arrive at the California Coast!

testingDay 290: Arrive at the California Coast!

Day 290 of the cross-country trip and I arrive at the California Coast! It was awesome crossing into the state three days ago–my sixth timeszone: EST, CST, Hawaii, MST, Arizona (no Daylight Savings) and PST!!! And now I’ve gone from sea to shining sea! I arrived just in time to see the sunset!  

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Did You Know that Mother Lode Was Spelled This Way?

testingDid You Know that Mother Lode Was Spelled This Way?

Yeah, me neither. I assumed it was “load”–you, too? I always knew it was a big haul, but didn’t know that it was specific to mining gold and silver. There’s an actual place in the U.S. called the Mother Lode: it’s the California gold veins of the Sierra Nevada, discovered in the Gold Rush. I […]

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