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The Bee’s Knees? Feh. You Want Cypress Knees.

As we learned in our last episode/post, the Okefenokee is named “trembling earth” because the cypress trees grow on peat, not soil. A simple poke makes them bounce in the water like a buoy. As the Native Americans navigated the land they bobbled along this powerful and trembling earth. The trees themselves are awe-inspiring. And […]

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Land of Trembling Earth: The Okefenokee Swamp

The Okefenokee Swamp is at the Georgia-Florida border and is an experience not to miss. Unless of course you have swamps of your own with alligators galore, boat trails (vs hiking trails), and glorious mosquitoes (insert sarcastic font here–but only about the mosquitoes). We’ll pause for a phonetics lesson. Oh+key+fuh (phonetics)+no+kee So What Does the […]

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Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon

Providence Canyon State Park is truly breathtaking. Both of its own accomplishment and that it exists in Georgia–so close to home and not out West with all the other canyons galore. The colors are vibrant, the formations dramatic, and each vantage distinct. Due to poor farming practices, the soft soil began washing away when trees […]

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DragonCon: Oh, the Humanity!

The DragonCon parade was more than a girl could hope for! Elementary school friend Naomi and I went early for the “mustering,” where the folks in the parade gather by theme (Star Wars, Super Hero, etc.). It was a fantastic behind-the-scenes peek: the juxtaposition of half-costumed people drinking Gatorade, hearing stories of how the costumes […]

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We All Scream for Ice Cream

At Miss Mary’s Ice Cream Crankin’ festival in Roswell, Georgia they count on the fact that few can resist ice cream. And all ages came out to taste the community’s finest (and some of their worst…sorry). Organizations and political candidates made flavors available for tasting and prizes. Funds raised from the entrance fee went to […]

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