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Hawaii’s Abundance

testingHawaii’s Abundance

Good fortune (and spending a fortune) gave me the incredible chance to spend nearly a month in Hawaii. I did something on all but two days–why nothing on those days? I was getting a cough and had a coastline snorkeling cruise coming up and didn’t want to miss it. So I lounged at the beachside […]

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Hey Mr. Sandman…The Colors of Hawaiian Beaches

testingHey Mr. Sandman…The Colors of Hawaiian Beaches

Naive Paula. I thought beaches were just beige-ish. I thought the ocean once it reached the beach was brown-ish. I thought the whole experience was sticky and yucky and never understood people’s delight. Then I went to Hawaii.¬†Helllloooo Gorgeous! Let’s Start with the Basics Brown sand, blue water. Say what? Blue water? Calm, easy, languishing; […]

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From Afraid to Addicted: Snorkeling in Hawaii

testingFrom Afraid to Addicted: Snorkeling in Hawaii

98% of these photos are from Flickr. Next time I go snorkeling, I’ll buy a real underwater camera; not disposable! The first time I went snorkeling was 20 years ago–and I haven’t been since. It was beautiful, but not a relaxing experience. For starters, it was in Egypt, not where a Jewish girl is supposed […]

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You Can Grow Pineapple at Home–Really.

testingYou Can Grow Pineapple at Home–Really.

There are no seeds; there’s no pod or root; all you do is cut off the crown of one pineapple and plant it. That’s it. Then wait 20 months. Easy peasy. Bonus: one crown yields 4-5 pineapples; and each plant has three harvests–the gift that keeps on giving. The Growth Cycle Click the pic to […]

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Able to Climb a Tree in, well, Several Bounds

testingAble to Climb a Tree in, well, Several Bounds

You don’t wait for the coconuts to fall–you’ve gotta climb the tree and go after them. Just like you don’t wait for the elk to die of natural causes, or for love to come knocking on your door via the pizza delivery guy (or gal). Driving around Hawaii, coconuts are as plentiful as squirrels. ¬†They’re […]

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