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Sno Cones: Not as Innocent as You Think

Sweet innocent Paula (that’s me)–at a festival and I become enamored with the pretty colors of the sno cones. So I take pictures. And post them to Flickr. And get lots and lots of people who choose them as their favorite. And these people have, um, shall we say, lively screen names. So intrepid investigator, […]

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A Lump of Coal ain’t Bad to Some

In case you didn’t know (I didn’t) coal looks like rocks or slate.  And West Virginia is ripe with it. In the heyday of mining (late 1800’s-mid 1900’s) there were more than 40 coal mining towns along the New River Gorge, with train tracks on both sides of the river (and the river isn’t THAT […]

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Star Light, Star Bright, What Sound Do You Make Tonight?

One hundred or so physicists and astronomers work in Green Bank, West Virginia to listen to the stars. Why? To map the universe. Duh. They navigate through dust and gas that obfuscate an optical telescope to determine the depth, dimension and placement of planets, stars, asteroids and other matter. It’s through sound that they learned […]

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Ever Been to a Bordello? Me Neither.

I’ve also never been to a brothel or whorehouse (my mother must be beaming). But since I’m neither a man nor a cowboy/miner my, um, lack of experience isn’t surprising. Turns out the ladies knew more than just how to show a good time, they also knew how to secure payment in advance. Guests had […]

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