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No House on the Prairie

testingNo House on the Prairie

Since I don’t exactly know what a prairie is, I thought I’d check one out. And it’s quite lovely. No wonder the Ingalls liked it there. Nachusa Grasslands is just over an hour and a lifetime away from Chicago IL. A constant song of grasshoppers and/or cicadas provide the background for your meander through the […]

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What Happens to Cornfields after the Summer?

testingWhat Happens to Cornfields after the Summer?

You’ve enjoyed your sweet summer corn, but the fields aren’t done with their harvest. Driving through central Illinois in early October, the lush green fields are now shriveled and brown. But still beautiful. What Happens to the Corn Fields? I had the chance to watch corn being combined–and it’s a well choreographed dance. With multi-ton […]

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Barbershop Quartet, Anyone?

When my friend, Jef (whom I’m visiting), said a friend of his was performing in a Barbershop Quartet, he didn’t have to ask me twice. How awesome is that? I L.O.V.E. a capella In college nearly all of my crushes were developed at a capella shows, so perhaps this would be a chance for an-on-the-road […]

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