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Do You Know the Difference between Square and Round Bales of Hay?

testingDo You Know the Difference between Square and Round Bales of Hay?

Square (really, rectangle) are being sold; hence the shape for stacking. Round are used for feeding on your very own farm. I love hay! Not to eat, let’s be clear. I mean, I don’t even like iceberg lettuce, but I think it’s beautiful. Perhaps for its ubiquity; for its symbolism of not being in a […]

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Mammoth Cave

testingMammoth Cave

Mammoth Cave is aptly named. In fact, it’s the world’s largest cave. Did you catch that? The largest. In the world. It’s 367 miles of cave and they’re still exploring.  Though only 12 miles are open to the public you don’t feel, um, shafted. Sure, it’s Got Size. But What about Beauty? In spades, my […]

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Cowboys are my Weakness

An excellent song by Trisha Yearwood – give it a listen. Don’t be hater just because you don’t like Country music. (ahem, Bobbi and Cori – I’m talking to YOU) And fare for sale at a Kentucky flea market. Dreamy sigh.

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Kentucky was my first encounter with corn.

testingKentucky was my first encounter with corn.

Wait, let me clarify. With corn fields, specifically. And to call them a “field” really is an understatement. They’re more like corn…territories. Corn, corn, corn, grocery store, corn, corn, corn. And even with all the tales of woe wrought by Monsanto, these corn fields were magnificent. The details of the plants; the strength of the […]

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