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A Tale of Two Diners

It was the best of [decor], it was the worst of [decor]. Papermoon in Baltimore glues toys onto mannequins. Chick and Ruth’s Delly in Annapolis is very orange. Both have warm people and delicious food. Papermoon is trendier; Chick and Ruth’s offers a six-pound milkshake. It is a far, far better thing that I [eat], […]

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Imagination is More Important than Knowledge

testingImagination is More Important than Knowledge

Albert Einstein is credited with that statement, and it’s painted boldly on the wall at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD. On first thought I agree with it vehemently. But then…without knowledge some imagined ideas could never me implemented. And yet, if you partner with the right person/people, anything is possible. And that, […]

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The Incredible, Indelible Hand Stamp!

testingThe Incredible, Indelible Hand Stamp!

Yesterday I went to by far the coolest art museum I’ve ever been to: The American Visionary Arts Museum in Baltimore, MD. We’re not going to talk about that now. Not because I’m cruel, but because it deserves rich vocabulary to even try to communicate the experience to you. If a picture is worth a […]

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Did You Know Harriet Tubman had a $40,000 Bounty?

testingDid You Know Harriet Tubman had a $40,000 Bounty?

Ironic, since a slave was bought for a few hundred dollars, maybe a thousand for a healthy male. Why so much? Because she was freeing slaves. And “they” didn’t want other slaves getting ideas that there was another life, that success was possible, really having any ideas at all. Her First Escape When her master […]

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