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An Ancient Easter Egg Hunt?

testingAn Ancient Easter Egg Hunt?

Petroglyphs? Eh, good for those ancient people to leave their story, but I’ll pass. Wait, there’s over 21,000 in one location and I don’t have to scale a cliff? Alright, I’m in. The Rivers Petroglyphs in southwestern New Mexico blew me away. I truly was not expecting to be as enamored, or surprised, or fascinated […]

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Fake Aliens Are Soooo Much More Fun than Real Aliens

testingFake Aliens Are Soooo Much More Fun than Real Aliens

Fake aliens play foosball. Real aliens stir up controversy. Fake aliens demonstrate the comfort of a chaise lounge. Real aliens inspire conspiracy theory. Fake aliens fly in all manner of space craft. Real aliens make the government call everything a “weather balloon.” Fake aliens just want to go on a vacation. Real aliens encourage libraries […]

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Cancel Your Vacation!

testingCancel Your Vacation!

Forget about the Grand Canyon, Hawaii and even Disney. The next place to go is Carlsbad Caverns in southern New Mexico. It’s an immense space with minute details. The volume of “decorations” is overwhelming. They’re massive and delicate, tiny and forceful. They’re columns that are stories tall and formations that look like drippings on an […]

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