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The Most Creative Festival Contests I’ve Ever Encountered

testingThe Most Creative Festival Contests I’ve Ever Encountered

The Best Festival Ever The fine people of Bell Buckle, TN know how to throw a festival. The Moon Pie Festival was a blast! A bare-chested band who can’t sing performed for folks who sat on bales of hay. Members of the general public who could sing rocked it at a karaoke stand. It was […]

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6 Features of Fabulous Festivals

Ahh, festivals. The fried food, the booths that are hopefully selling more art than crafts, the people watching. You may think that all you need to do is show up. And you could, true. But with so many agricultural and cultural celebrations to be found, consider where you’d like to ride the Tilt-a-Whirl, get heartburn […]

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You Have HOW Many Salt & Pepper Shakers?

Just 20,000 or so sets. Is that unusual? The Salt & Pepper Shaker Museum in Gatlinburg, Tennessee is must-see. Why, exactly? Because everything else in Gatlinburg in woefully touristy, neon-y, and kitschy. Because you had no idea that salt and pepper shakers were made in so many styles. Because there are walls dedicated to themes: […]

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Cornbread Festival

The NATIONAL Cornbread Festival celebrated its 15th year when I visited in May 2011. Way to go¬† South Pittsburg, Tennessee to have a national presence! And a presence it did have: thousands upon thousands of people and even a newspaper printed just for the occasion. Personally I don’t think that was necessary, nor did they […]

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Miss Scarlett in the Kitchen with the Lodge Skillet

I’ve heard about people being hit upside the head with a skillet, but I never understood the impact until visiting the Lodge Cast Iron Factory in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. Those things have some heft. And the factory was fascinating. So much huge (noisy) machinery to make relatively small items. Sand, water and time – just […]

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