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My Favorite Regrets ~ The Final Post of the Trip

testingMy Favorite Regrets ~ The Final Post of the Trip

By the time you read this, I’ll (hopefully) be mere hours away from my parents’ front door. And that also means the end of this year-long cross-country RV roadtrip. [insert dramatic music] So that brings us to ranking my experiences, sharing any regrets, and answering for the curious. A Few of My Favorite Things Hours […]

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Kindness in America

Musings as my year-long RV journey comes to a close. If you’re not comfortable asking for help, don’t travel by yourself and certainly don’t travel in an RV. While technically I may have been solo on this adventure, I was far from alone. Assistance was abundant from strangers and family, friends and acquaintances, blog followers […]

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My Kingdom for a Humidifier

I’m definitely allergic to New Mexico. It’s possible that I also may have a cold. My sneezes are so profound that I make startled exclamations like “oh my!” Over the course of this afternoon, my brain has grown larger than my head. My nose feels runny, but is dry. I’m congested, yet blowing my nose […]

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Moose in New Hampshire: As Elusive and Touted as Eligible Bachelors

While I’m making my way back to Atlanta, enjoy a post from the past. Originally posted on January 4, 2012 Moose signs: many Moose sightings: none Rumor has it they’re out at dusk. When is that, exactly? My app doesn’t give that info. Now these signs, they were a few miles apart. Makes me […]

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Lessons from a Year on the Road

testingLessons from a Year on the Road

We all learn things in a year, true. Take yourself out of “reality,” put yourself in an RV, alone, move every few days, and see what you learn now. A lot. As my trip nears its end (I arrive on my parents’ doorstep in 19 days), my thoughts are turning reflective–even more so than usual. […]

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