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War and Farming: The Most Obvious Exhibit Partners

testingWar and Farming: The Most Obvious Exhibit Partners

Let’s see, what would make for a good museum collection? Ooh, ooh, war stuff. Reenactments. A battle happened here. People love that. You know what else? Farming! Perfect. Those go together as naturally as peanut butter and pickles; cookies and vodka; apple pie and sour cream. Welcome to Yorktown, Virgina. All Snark Aside This was […]

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Settlers and Indians

testingSettlers and Indians

Little boys don’t play “Settlers and Indians” quite as often as they play “Cowboys and Indians.” Do you think it’s because the settlers died at a 60% rate within months of arrival? Kinda ruins the fun – for the game and the reality. And since we’re talking about reality, will there come a time when […]

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Colonial Williamsburg: It’s Not Just for History Geeks

testingColonial Williamsburg: It’s Not Just for History Geeks

Then: your parents paid for you to go into a labor-intensive apprenticeship for seven years with the hopes of your skill supporting the family. You were 12. Now: your parents pay for you to go to college, a social-intensive environment where you also learn whatever you want for four years and then decide what work […]

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My Hero Drives a Subaru

testingMy Hero Drives a Subaru

Part of trailer life is emptying the black tank – it holds all the yucky waste. When all goes well, you merely hear it; thankfully you don’t see it, smell it, touch it, or encounter it in any way other than by pulling a lever and everything goes down a hose into a drain and […]

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Adolescent Bears Make the Most Trouble. Kinda Like Humans…

testingAdolescent Bears Make the Most Trouble. Kinda Like Humans…

Teenagers today! Kicked out of the den at two years old and they think the world is theirs. Big deal, the 200,000 acres of Shenandoah National Park are at bear capacity with a bear every square mile. So, you have to fend for yourself and find your own territory (20-30 mile radius for male, 5-10 […]

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