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A Lump of Coal ain’t Bad to Some

In case you didn’t know (I didn’t) coal looks like rocks or slate.  And West Virginia is ripe with it. In the heyday of mining (late 1800’s-mid 1900’s) there were more than 40 coal mining towns along the New River Gorge, with train tracks on both sides of the river (and the river isn’t THAT […]

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Star Light, Star Bright, What Sound Do You Make Tonight?

One hundred or so physicists and astronomers work in Green Bank, West Virginia to listen to the stars. Why? To map the universe. Duh. They navigate through dust and gas that obfuscate an optical telescope to determine the depth, dimension and placement of planets, stars, asteroids and other matter. It’s through sound that they learned […]

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Holy Trees, Batman! It’s West Virginia

West Virginia surprised me with its beauty. I know that’s a tad insulting and rather like asking if someone is attractive and getting the response that they have a great personality. The point is, I was somehow mislead to believe that West Virginia doesn’t have much going for it and that’s simply not the case. […]

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We Used to Be Number One!

The New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia used to be the longest steel arch bridge in the world. Then China went and built one longer than 1,700 feet and the claim to fame was lost. I wonder if they pulled a Price-is-Right-strategy and built theirs 1,701 feet? I digress…. So now, this bridge is […]

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Beartown: Is this Where Fairies Live?

When you pull into a parking lot and there are bikers (engines, not pedals), it’s a good sign. They go to the best places (perhaps I say that because I go to the same places they do…). Well, bikers love Beartown, West Virginia and with good reason. It sparkles with light yet stays cool. Ferns […]

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