Coney Island. Finally!

For YEARS I’ve wanted to go to Coney Island in Brooklyn NY. It’s iconic, it’s an amusement park/fair, I had heard the lore and needed to experience it myself.

But efforts were always foiled. Rain, alien invasion, over-scheduling. So this trip to NYC to visit beloved elementary school friend Miriam had only three agenda items (in addition to spending as much time with her as possible), and Coney Island had a full day allocated.

It was Awesome!

So much color, so many (easy) games to win scratchy stuffed animals, so many childhood memories, even though mine didn’t happen here the elements were the same.

I was giddy and gleeful, hugging Miriam frequently to express my delight.


Have you been to Coney Island? What’s your favorite part?
Are there other parks that hold your heart?

Coney Island Boardwalk

Lights at Coney Island

The Cyclone roller coaster at Coney Island

Coney Island

Wonder Wheel at Coney Island

Coney Island

Whac a mole at Coney Island

Frog game at Coney Island

Stools at games at Coney Island

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I had a blast too! Come again. Maybe next to time come for Cyclone ride!

You’re always my first priority. But the Cyclone has a special place in my heart!


always wanted to visit coney island—love the photos—a trip back in time—such vigorous color

it WAS a trip back in time – both in terms of the place and what it represents and what it brought out it me. Go, I say! GO!


You forgot to mention that you can be on the ocean/beach but on a boardwalk … not sand!

Very good point!

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