Cowboys are my Weakness

An excellent song by Trisha Yearwood – give it a listen. Don’t be hater just because you don’t like Country music. (ahem, Bobbi and Cori – I’m talking to YOU)

And fare for sale at a Kentucky flea market.

Dreamy sigh.

Cowboy gear in Kentucky

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Your Comments I’m enjoying my time as a spectator from afar while you travel. Hope things are going as expected. Drive carefully!

Thanks! Truth is, these are still old trips! I leave on June 5. Stay tuned…


Before I read my name I thought, might be an ok song but she stinks so I’ll never know. Then I read my name and thought, oh- she was talking to me!

Just to clarify my thoughts: some country music is terrific, sadly none of it is sung by Trisha Yearwood…

Your pictures, however, are stunning!

Cori – more reasons to love you: your open-mindedness to country music. Even tough it’s not Paul Simon…


Ok, so funny that you called Cori and Bobbi out!!! But, sadly Cori is right!! Boo Trisha Yearwood, but OMG your photos are awesome!!!! Also, can you give me some tips on Kentucky. I will be driving through on my way to Chicago and I want to see some stuff aka Paula style!!!

i will always call B&C out! And Trisha isn’t one of my faves, to be clear, but this song is hilarious! Stay tuned for KY info!

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