Dear USPS, You’re Welcome.

I never really understood the point of postcards when you’re on a week-long vacation. “Wish you were here” isn’t always true, let’s be honest. And I’ll be home before the mail arrives and we can talk about the trip then.

Well, with my extended travel, I’m obsessed with postcards.  And brochures, and tourism rack cards, and funny bags from buying said postcards.


I started with a handful of envelopes: #10 and catalog size. They were quickly consumed. I bought a modest supply. They, too, were gone in a minute. So I broke down and bought 100 of each, and added padded envelopes and packing tape to the repertoire. It’s incredibly less expensive to buy in bulk than getting the small bundles. But where do you store an inventory in a trailer? Under the seat. Truly. And they’re getting full.

Return Address

That takes up precious space on a postcard. Dad insists that the nonprofits haven’t found me yet and aren’t sending return address labels in exchange for a donation, so I bought my own Avery labels and made some.

I love the smell of office supplies in the morning.

Feeling Connected

At the risk of aggrandizing myself, I give good mail (minus my handwriting). It makes me feel connected to people I love. Hunting for the the thing they collect focuses me in a way beyond the concentration of the experience. Looking for the joke and perspective that only they will get adds to the blog and makes it personal to them–and to me.

One gas station stop yielded the purchase of six postcards! Three of which were exactly about the topics I had just discussed with my Dad during a driving-education session that’s par for the course when I’m migrating. I see something, I clearly can’t go online, so Dad gets a call and I get an education.

Saving the USPS

I’m doing what I can. Sorry it wasn’t enough to keep delivery on Saturdays–perhaps more people should travel.

BTW, when do I get that Medal of Honor for helping your bottom line?

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When is your next long stay where you can receive mail? 🙂 And one of my favorite post card sayings is “The weather is here wish you were beautiful”

Your post reminds me of a Christmas gift I gave to my parents in Wisconsin after I had moved to San Francisco. The gift was a promise to write either a postcard or letter every day – and I kept it up for a couple of years. Mom saved them all, and some day I’m giong to go through them and relive my life at that time.

Can’t do that with emails and twitters.

Karen, How beautiful!! For your Mom and for you to have when you’re ready to read! BTW, it’s it the same true, but I do keep special emails that show a personality, and take screen grabs of fun Facebook posts (mostly my own) to create a journal of sorts.

I do know how to spell “going” – sorry.


I love post cards!


Your CommentsIt has been so interesting learning more about the beautiful USA
through your blogs. There were times that I said wish I was there.

Leah – so glad you’re having fun!!


As you already know, I’m a sentimentalist and saver. Whatever you send home is being held for future perusal…and so you can read your handwriting to us so we know what you said!

So glad you liked the statues in Santa Fe. The brochures brought back memories. The Harley Motorcycle card was funny. Uncle Sam and the U.S. postal service do thank you.

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