Did You Know that Space Exploration has Foundations in Weapons?

Center of Gravity, US Space and Rocket Center Huntsville

I didn’t. Although rockets do look like missiles, so perhaps if I ever sat down to think about it…

Where it Always Begins: War

When you visit the U.S. Space & Rocket  in Huntsville, AL there is no doubt about the connection. It all started with a German engineer during WWII. He was “hired” to work on missiles and he did so because he had no choice and he knew it would bring him closer to working on his true goal: space travel. After the war he came to the U.S. and made history. The museum is a bit fanatical about him. But then again, he had incredible ideas.

Geeking Out

This is the chance to totally geek out and it’s ok.

The space suit is the coolest thing you’ve ever seen. You constantly want to quote ridiculous movies and Buck Rogers (I said “danger Will Robinson” waaaay too many times).

The super duper heat protecting material makes the space mobiles look like a kid’s project made out of tin foil. For all I know this where tin foil came from.

The point is, it’s stunning, awesome, cool. You’ll see things you’ve never seen and don’t have the vocabulary to explain–not necessarily because it’s soul-changing but because you simply aren’t smart enough to know the words for the things you’re seeing. And there’s nothing wrong with that. You can do things those rocket scientists can’t. Sure you can!

What’s your favorite place to geek out?

Geek out even more and watch the slideshow.


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