Did you Know that there’s a BBQ Society?

Me neither.

I get that BBQ is important. Really, I do. (My Dad makes the most incredible BBQ brisket, mmmm) But perhaps they could focus on making the roads level before memorializing ingredients?

Oh, maybe I’m being cranky. You try driving with 5,000 pounds of weight that see-saws on a bad road and see how you’ll feel. As I re-assess, memorializing ingredients is, in fact, Americana. So I withdraw my earlier statement.

BBQ Center Lexington NCWe Were Talking about BBQ

Specifically, the Lexington BBQ Center in NC. It’s a place of history. And was packed when I rolled in for an early lunch at 11:00.

To my dismay, they’re vinegar-based. And I just can’t get behind a food that doubles as a cleaning agent. That said, it was good if you’re into that kind of thing, and it had a kick that the Rockettes would envy.

Someday My Prince Will Come

A while back I went to Abe’s in Mississippi–also famous and also not my taste. Woe is me.

Where will I find my true love: BBQ that’s rich and saucy and worthy of sopping? (Seriously, where? Please tell me.)


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When you find your BBQ sauce finally, it should be named “Nirvana” and “Nirvana with a Kick” 🙂


Your Comment You might try a place in Houston. I will think of the name and I’ll mail you about 3 a.m. It’s way out North Shepherd and it is wonderful and definitely not vinegar based.


Memphis BBQ is where it’s at. Are you heading there?

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