Dirty Dancing never ends at Lake Lure

Lake Lure NC

Sure, Lake Lure North Carolina is a lovely mountain hamlet meant for swimming. But I came here for Dirty Dancing. (The movie, not the activity)

And the movie plays everywhere. All the time. But that’s the only clue to the fact that this icon of my teens was filmed here.

No tour of sites – trust me, I looked. The properties we associate with the movie burned down years ago. They offered that I could go look at the chimney remains. Um, not what I had in mind.

So evidently no on CAN put Baby in a corner, because it isn’t there anymore.

That said, Lake Lure was lovely. Lapping water, sunsets, ducks waddling by, ugly vultures for staring contests (I’m serious).

Lake Lure NC, Site of Dirty Dancing


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