Eastward Ho!

My zig-zag across the country is coming to a bittersweet close. I’ll be back in hometown Atlanta by late-May!

That Seems So Soon!

Technically, yes, it is. But you haven’t had the benefit (or curse?) of being inside my head.

That sabbatical wasn’t only to refresh after seeing so much, it also was to refocus. (Even I didn’t know that going into it.)

Holy Cow!

By the time I get home, I’ll have been on the road for over 11 months, driven over 23,000 miles, and visited 24 states on this trip alone (45 in my life, adding three new ones on this venture).

Here’s where I’ve been on this trip so far!

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 1.21.52 PM

So yeah, I feel good about where I’ve been, what I’ve accomplished, and being ready to come home.

Roots and Wings

I’m tired of the damn voice on the GPS. Of needing the GPS to find the grocery store. Of not knowing whether the next aisle in the grocery store is cereal or ethnic foods. Of not knowing whether CranRaisins are with salad dressing or canned fruit.

But I still have a long list of places to explore and festivals to enjoy. They’ll now be excursions instead of stops on a journey. I commented to a friend that after 20 years of devoted travel only in America and a year of dedicated travel I’m amazed at how much there’s yet to see right here in the United States. Her response: Americana the Beautiful.

What Kind of Job Will I Get?

One of the reasons I’m coming home now is to return with money in the bank. I could afford to stay on the road for several more months, but that would mean no cushion to find a job, much less to find the right job. So prudent Paula is returning with a plan.

We’ll talk about career another time. I’m still on the road for six weeks–live in the moment. Besides, thinking about it makes me sweat and curl up in a little ball. It’s not fun to curl up in a little ball when you’re emitting body odor… But to pre-empt questions: I would prefer to stay in Atlanta, and I will make time in my life to pursue writing.

What’s Next on the Trip, and More Importantly, the Blog?

A few stops here and there, but mostly driving. We’ll stick with the MWF blog posts – sometimes new content, sometimes re-runs. But it may be new to you, so please keep reading!


What would be the first thing you’d do upon returning home after a year away? (Keep in mind that you don’t have a house or apartment and all your belongings are in storage, but you do have rent-free housing for three months.)

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I’d soak in a warm bath.
Safe travels home!!

Betsey/Ellie – excellent idea. I don;t often take baths bc I’m too tall, but I’ll certainly someone has one. I already plan to take a shower so hot I use up the water heater!


I would make lots of plans with my friends. We have really missed you!

Most of all, I would be THRILLED not to have to be so intimately involved with grey and black tanks. Bring on toliets and plumbing that can only be serviced by professionals!
ps- thanks for the shout out in this posting.

Cori – you deserve many shootouts!


A welcome home gathering

Hi Paula,

We had the Solons over for Shabbat lunch recently and Wendy gave me the link to your blogs……so, I haven’t been reading them long, but I’ve loved what I’ve read.
Send me an e-mail off line.

Be safe,
Kerry, David, and the boys

As I’ve let you know before, you’ve been sort of living one of my fantasies that is probably not going to happen although I hope I can convince my dearest to at least agree to us renting an RV for a week-long road trip.

I’m sorry to say that I think assuming the fetal position is where I’d be if I were returning home after a year on the road with no where to live and no job. Now that you’ve lived in a small trailer for so long, do you think you will be looking to downsize your living needs from what they were before?

Safe travels for the rest of your time on the road. I see that New England is pretty blank on your travel map. It’s nice there in the late spring.
Suzanne Fluhr (Just One Boomer) recently posted..Philadelphia Phriday – Parc Brasserie, A Bit of Paris on Rittenhouse SquareMy Profile

Suzanne – I went to New England for two weeks a few summers back. So while blank on this trip, not blank in life – two different excursions, in some ways. And fret not, I do have a place to live–house/dog sitting for a month, and then with my brother and his fam for two. I could stay longer but I set the curfew at two so they have family sanctity and I have a sense of space. As for downsizing, I lived in a rather small space before, so I don’t expect all that much more downsizing post-RV. I’ve always had boxes ready to collect for goodwill and consignment, so always have been a purge-as-I-go-gal. So don’t think there will be much change in my lifestyle. Good question.

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