Fake Aliens Are Soooo Much More Fun than Real Aliens

Fake aliens play foosball. Real aliens stir up controversy.


Fake aliens demonstrate the comfort of a chaise lounge. Real aliens inspire conspiracy theory.

photo-2 copy 7

Fake aliens fly in all manner of space craft. Real aliens make the government call everything a “weather balloon.”

space craft and weather balloons

Fake aliens just want to go on a vacation. Real aliens encourage libraries full with “documents” that collect dust and that causes allergies.

are we there yet

library at the UFO museum

Part of the library at the UFO Museum in Roswell, NM

Fake aliens quickly adapt to human ways. Real aliens get autopsied.

relaxation analysis

alien autopsy

Fake aliens leave lipstick kisses and paint their nails. Real aliens look akin to Barbie in their nether regions.

male and female aliens

aliens at the UFO museum

Fake aliens make me giggle. Real aliens have an (overly) detailed exhibit at the UFO Museum in Roswell NM.

So What REALLY Happened in Roswell?

It was 1947. Some folks say they saw a vessel crash into the mountain, collected debris, saw alien bodies, bblah blah blah. Some folks say when the military heard about it they were cooperative at first and then a big cover up, blah blah blah. One day there was a press release saying it happened but all had been collected (so curious locals wouldn’t go visit the spot), the next day the paper said it was a weather balloon.

The best parts of this experience are:

1. We got some excellent vocabulary.

    • “Flying Saucer” came to be because a witness said they flew like a saucer if you skipped it across the water.
    • “Foo-fighters” appeared to WWII Allied pilots. It’s a play on the French word “fou” which means “fine.

 2. The town of Roswell NM went all out in celebrating their claim to fame! Click the pic to advance the slideshow. 

What About Area 51?

Turns out that’s in Nevada. I’ll tell you more when I get there.


If aliens arrived on Earth back in 1947, why haven’t they returned?
Did we treat them so badly? Perhaps they liked the special treatment of being covered up…
Do they not know that we have iPhones now? And Hot Pockets.

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They’ve never left Atlanta. I see them at the Colonnade and walking the streets of midtown regularly.

Jeannine – well done!

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