Feeling like Gulliver among Fiddler Crabs

Fiddler CrabsA stroll along Cumberland Island of the coast of Georgia (revisit this magical place in a prior post) brought the discovery of thousands of fiddler crabs.

My delight at their number and the desire to look closer made them scurry. Which was not the intended result. It made me feel like Gulliver and the Lilliputians. Or simply, an adult human and fiddler crabs.

Have you had the experience of feeling like a giant?

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Had the same sense on an uninhabited island spit in Costa Rica…thousands of hermit crabs, each shell different and beautiful and overwhelming in numbers. I was concerned about stepping on them, but if they didn’t scurry away, they buried in the sand. Thanks for helping me recall, remember, and relive the sensation. You not only create terrific photos but good verbal images. Really enjoy your writing style.

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