GPS: A Love-Hate Relationship

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee for the depth and breadth and height
The car can reach without my having to keep sight.

And that is the only reason I love you, dastardly GPS. Yes, it’s divine that I can type in a location and you’ll get me there. You may route through a felled forest, a backwood road where I imagine the music from Deliverance, or go round in circles because you insist the highway entrance is there when it isn’t, but we’ll always get there. Eventually.

You have an impressive feature to simply type in the name of an “attraction” and you’ll take us there. But major attractions like the Grand Canyon don’t make your list, while Bob’s Hole in the Wall do. I try – so very hard – to understand.

And then there’s the turning. The blasted turning. You know the turn is coming, and you’re powered by very smart satellites, so why does it take you so freaking long to adjust the little screen after I make the turn? If there’s an immediate move – like choosing North or South on the highway, I’m stuck waiting for you to realign. Get it together, man!

Are you as irritated by me? Do you curse me for daydreaming and getting lost in the scenery that I forget to pay attention to you and miss the turn? Are you frustrated that you’ve been muted because you talk to much? (I don’t need to know that we’re changing lanes in 28.2 miles, thank you very much). Perhaps you are. But since this isn’t a sci-fi movie, the machines haven’t taken over the world and I still have the right to use you as I please.

Now, which way to Bob’s Hole in the Wall? I hear it’s a staple of Americana.


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Sounds like the rafting was great fun. Don’t get too frustrated with the GPS. It is only non-human!


Dick – sage advice!


Oh, when we first visited Lancaster, we rented a car and got GPS. There were TWO voices — a main woman teling us big roads, then an annoying interrupting hag to give us smaller roads. You could ALMOST here the annoyance in the main woman’s voice (of course I exaggerate but that’s what I heard). SO odd. What a strange tool.


Mandi – two voices. Uggh! That’s a conspiracy!

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