How the Outer Banks Can Lure Even an Anti-Beach Person

Peekaboo of Water
The beach and beauty hide themselves as you drive along the road at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. A highway sided by craggy plants protects others who are more delicate. Only a mile wide at some points, the island has the incredible benefit of having both sunrise and sunset–on water–within arm’s reach.

A Flurry of Activity
The ocean itself is active, with waves crashing and sand to redistribute. And the people rarely stop: surfing, walking, fishing. On the sound side the action is just as busy, but the water much calmer. Warmed by the sun and only the wind to move you, people jetski, windsurf, and float.

Turns Out I’m Not a Beach Person
I was already aware of this before going to the beach. For vacation. For 10 days. But I thought, “it’s the famous Outer Banks. It’ll be different.” It was: with hikes and piers and people watching. But there was still sand. That damn sand. Shaking the sand from my tevas I felt like a dog shaking his leg after a pee.

OBX Needs a Food Network Intervention
Over- or under-spiced. Or fried. Or chicken tenders. Or treyf. What a spectacular array of choices!

Life Lesson
When the car is stuck in a sand dune, don’t stubbornly try to drive forward. Go in reverse, slowly. And then never park in a sand dune again. And no, I didn’t come up with this pearl on my own. I had to flag someone down for help.

Thou Shall Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Mosquito Netting
Trips like this raise desires in me for camping gear. But since I barely cook at home, it’s certainly not happening on vacation. Ahh, a pop-up tent on the beach…but how often do I go to the beach? (see above entry “turns out I’m not a beach person”) And the holy grail: an RV. That one I’ll own someday.

The Breadth and Depth of the Outer Banks

What do you love about the beach?
Or dislike about it?
Have you been somewhere that’s “not your style” but found out you loved it anyway?

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The pelicans on the posts is one of my all-time favorites of your fantastic pictures. Thanks for the backstory!


wow, thanks!

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