How the Poconos became the Honeymoon Capital of the World

Sure, sure, the Poconos region in Pennsylvania is pretty with rivers and mountains and trees, but it’s not exactly where you’d think of if asked to name the Honeymoon CAPITAL. I mean, there’s Paris (France, not Texas), exotic islands with drink umbrellas, the Jersey Shore.

So how did it get this reputation, aside from self-promotion? 200,000 couples honeymoon here for a reason. And that reason is the heart-shaped hot tubs. I kid you not.

Heart Shaped Hot Tub

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Some hotel owner had an idea for a gimmick and in 1963 Life Magazine ran a two-page spread on said gimmick. People came a-flockin’. Lord help us all.

This same man was also the first to invent the all-inclusive package deal. People continued to a-flock.

Then he put individual pools in the hotel rooms.

But wait, there’s more. A seven-foot high champagne-glass-whirlpool. Can’t you hear the Barry White music playing? Can’t you hear Miss Manners weeping?

Champagne Hot Tub

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Have you ever had the Poconos Honeymoon experience (whether or not it was actually your honeymoon)?
PLEASE share your G-rated stories!

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I was born and raised in Philadelphia and got married in Philadelphia (1982) and I think I would rather have root canal than go on a honeymoon in the Poconos. I got to plan our honeymoon. We went to Peru: the Falklands War (or the Guerra de las Islas Malvinas as the Argentines prefer to call it) broke out; the Maoist revolutionary group the Shining Path acted up; our airline went bankrupt and stopped flying midway through our trip and the Amazon region we visited experienced a 30 year flood. I wouldn’t trade it for the Poconos–no way, no how. Now, the Pocono region is very pretty, but for a honeymoon—shudder.

What a trip! And what a laugh! Thanks for that!

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I have loved reading your blog and especially love the piece (and fabulous pictures) on the poconos as I have always wondered the same thing. Inquiring minds want to know how you get up into that whirlpool? I now know where my next honeymoon will be!

My vast research (google) didn’t explain how to get into that whirpool, but i also wonder. should we call the concierge?


They have those tubs in Niagra Falls as well. They’re not that hard to get into :).


people can be so strange—


The disease infested heart shaped cesspool looks oh so romantic.

Does the package deal include a decontamination dip? A free check up at the local CDC?


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