Yup. For 20ish whole minutes. And at speeds of 45 mph. Yeah, I’m reckless.

I’m visiting cousins and was chatting with Dan, my cousin by marriage. He’s a car mechanic with a love for for motorcycles. I’m a city girl who’s always wanted to ride one. A match made in heaven. All of a sudden we’re squeezing two children and me into the backseat of their car and leaving dinner for their house. He’ll bring me back to the other cousins’ place by bike. Shazzam!

What do you do first? Try on helmets. He has multiple. Of course he does. So Dan and Lauren (his wife and my actual cousin who’s letting me hold on to her husband for dear life in mere moments) ask me how the helmet feels. Ummm, like a helmet. How is it supposed to feel? They inspect and discern that the opening for my face is too high and give me another one, which does in fact feel better. Plus it has a sexy lady in maroon as decoration. Score!

Don gloves (purple, yay!) and then I stood there like a snowman. All dressed up and unable to move. Dan had to buckle my helmet strap. Yes, yes, I’m an adult. Good thing there were no zippers!

Now it’s time to get on the bike. Alrighty. Put one foot on the foot rest and swing my leg over the bike and bag resting on the back. I was a dancer, no problem. I’m also in control of basic coordination, so easy breasy. Right? Right. It only took two, maybe three tries. I was afraid that I would knock the bike over. Let’s consider the situation, shall we. Dan is 6’5″ and rides his Kawasaki (painted a pretty blue) every day. That bike wasn’t going anywhere. Only my imagination was.

And we’re off! And I’m squeezing Dan’s middle so tightly he can’t possibly breathe.

It is terrifying to be on the road and not have a seatbelt or doors holding you in.

And then, slowly, it isn’t anymore. Dan told me to relax (he wanted to breathe again, I think), and I verrrry slowly loosened my death grip. I got brazen and instead of holding on to him, held on to the handles at the back of the bike; their position forces good posture and you can take it all in.

It was open, fresh, full of adrenaline, smiley, scary, amazing. I want to do it again!


Have you been on a motorcycle? How would you describe the experience?



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You received an offer for a used Harley this week that might be really hard to resist.


I was visiting with your mother; we were chatting amiably when, all of a sudden, she got a stricken look on her face and fainted. I wondered what was happening. Now I know … I’ll have the doctors release her. Next time, give me some warning so I can have the Yom Kippur smelling salts ready.

duly noted.

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