I’m Not a Nigerian Prince, But You Can Help Me Win $5,000!

My story has been chosen as a monthly finalist in the RandMcNally RV Stories contest. Happy Day!

Up next: winning the whole shebang: $5,000. Will you please help?

It means voting – daily through the end of September – if you’re so inclined. I know that daily voting is a pain in the derriere. Just vote when you think of it (but please think of it often.)

How to Vote

  • Vote here. In case the link goes generic vs specific, look for RV Stories; the category “Pay it Forward” and my story “Polite Terms for Plumbing”
  • The irritating part is that you have to register the first time. The register button is hidden–like you’re playing Where’s Waldo. But if you voted for my putting-air-in-the-tires story earlier in the summer, then you’re already registered. To preempt your question, that story did not win.

RV contest registration

The Irony of Voting

Y’all came out in droves to vote for the first story and it didn’t win. A story with only ONE vote did. So I didn’t bother to ask for the second story. But now that we’re down to the big bucks, popularity may count for something (it did in high school). So let’s give it the ole college try!

Thank you! And let me know when I can vote for you!

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