Live Free or Die–a New Perspective on New Hampshire’s Call to Arms

New Hampshire SkylineWhen first proclaimed, Live Free or Die was New Hampshire’s  call to “assertive independence” during the Revolutionary War. (Thank you Wikipedia for confirming what my education left foggy.)

Today it seems to be about an independence found in exploration, pushing your own limits, and a culture that’s both physically active and emotionally laid back. This perspective is exactly my experience in New Hampshire: adventure balanced with utter relaxation.New Hampshire landscape

Speed, Heights, Rushing Waterfall, and Elusive Moose

  • Attitash mountain coaster–adrenaline giggles. That’s all I’m going to say.
  • Mt. Washington--a glorious and empowering drive eight miles into the sky. And views even when obscured by clouds and fog.
  • Franconia Notch Gorge Flume–the power of water. The beauty of water. The lifeforce of water.
  • Moose–oh how I looked. Drove for hours at dusk. I only saw them on t-shirts. Sad.

I Did Not Know That
Mt. Monadnack is the world’s third most climbed mountain, after Mt. Fuji and Mt. Tai. (I didn’t go there–well, any of those theres, actually)

Oh, and BTW, the state insect is the ladybug. How cute is that? What’s your state insect?

What were your favorite New Hampshire experiences?
What should be on the list for a return visit?

Trees in New Hampshire

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