Moose in New Hampshire: As Elusive and Touted as Eligible Bachelors

Brake for MooseMoose signs: many
Moose sightings: none

Rumor has it they’re out at dusk. When is that, exactly? My app doesn’t give that info.

Now these signs, they were a few miles apart. Makes me think perhaps there may not be moose for the next five miles….

Moose Crossing sign     Bear and cub crossing sign

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You’re right. I have it on good authority that the Moose (Meese) can hardly BEAR it so they have moved about 10 miles further.


I call them meese, too!! And great pun!

[…] Moose–oh how I looked. Drove for hours at dusk. I only saw them on t-shirts. Sad. […]

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