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DragonCon: Oh, the Humanity!

Original post September 3, 2011

Star Wars Storm Trooper Helmets

The DragonCon parade was more than a girl could hope for!

Elementary school friend Naomi and I went early for the “mustering,” where the folks in the parade gather by theme (Star Wars, Super Hero, etc.). It was a fantastic behind-the-scenes peek: the juxtaposition of half-costumed people drinking Gatorade, hearing stories of how the costumes were made and their authentic materials, getting as close to the Wicked Witch of the West as I ever care to.

Naomi was my guide during the parade, introducing me to worlds of sci-fi, fantasy, and super powers. Silly me, I thought they were all the same. Not so.

This was absolutely the best parade I’ve ever seen–and it was right here in hometown Atlanta Georgia! There were moments of acrobatics and combat fighting; wizards galore; and more people pointed a fake a gun at me than I could have hoped for.

A zombie growled at me and I blew in kiss in return–I’m not sure of the etiquette, was that the right thing to do?

Click here to see the slideshow.


What’s the best parade you’ve seen?

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My favorite is the guys with the science banner promoting the periodic table of elements.

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